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Founded for a collaborative research program gathering data for over four different current shark research studies, the One Ocean Diving Pelagic Program was adapted by internationally recognized shark and marine conservationist and biologist, Ocean Ramsey, to serve as a major conservation effort and to help assist with funding for the ongoing studies and serious shark and marine conservation efforts.  Backed by the ®University Alliance program and highly recognized international scientific advisors in shark ethology, behavior, ecology, ichthyology, conservation, environmental marine management, and zoology. 

 The ongoing correlation studies look at shark movements by species, gender, depth profile, and season.  Baseline information for individual animals is recorded with the integration of the shark ID program.  The Shark ID program significantly reduces the need for tagging to determine site fidelity and assists in accuracy of survey counts. Deep water camera systems (up to 500ft) are deployed to study shark movements at every depth at survey sites. 

 Other correlation studies in the collaborative data set look at weather and how environmental conditions impacts or influence behavior and lack or abundance of apex vs. mesopredators in deep water reef systems. 

Other developing studies already included in the data set are human interaction and impact, environmental impact, metal and magnetic testing (*Pending,) and social dynamics in schooling shark species. 

 One Ocean Diving provides a support platform for research that is used to benefit both human communities and shark and marine life populations 


The Pelagic animal research and interaction program has been one of the most influential programs for shark conservation.  Facilitating and inspiring the connection of human beings to efforts to protect sharks and the marine ecosystems and environment through first-hand experience.  The extremely educational program covers shark biology and physiology and how it plays into their behavior, body language, and responses to humans and equipment in close proximity.  The information shared, learned, and the guided experience helps to reduce the risk of adverse shark-human interactions both inside and outside of the program.  The program is highlighted with conservation information including the local and global plight of sharks and the marine environment along with suggestions for individuals to assist furthering conservation efforts.  

 One Ocean Diving is an official sponsor of the not-for-profit shark and marine conservation group, ®WATER INSPIRED ( in association with Ocean Ramsey (, and the ®INTERNATIONAL SHARK PROJECT #INTERNATIONALSHARKPROJECT and ®Hawaii Shark Count, for local and International shark research and conservation campaigns, studies, and global efforts. 

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2. Learn as much as you can about sharks and local and international threats and conservation efforts.

3. Support programs, research, companies, and events that support shark and marine conservation efforts.

4. Be a conscious consumer, do not buy shark products or products that harm the marine environment or its inhabitants. Reduce consumption and waste, recycle and reuse as much as possible. 

5. Help clean up marine debris, especially plastics that take millennia to break down and often end up in the ocean harming marine life.

6. Support and strengthen conservation efforts where they already exist and help start an effort where there is none. 

7. VOTE, support environmental policies and legislators that are trying to make a positive difference.

8. Sign a petition, or 5. Make your voice and others heard. Together we will #HelpSaveSharks #HelpProtectMarineLife